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Sunday, May 30, 2010

For The Good Times (5-28-10)

If Boston has a home away from home (in LA anyway) it is most definitely Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica. They've been having some acoustic performers there on Friday nights, and while its not exactly what you'd consider a music venue, it actually has more to offer a struggling music guy like myself than most places. For one, the place actually does have its own crowd, so it wasn't so embarrassing showing up knowing only a couple people were coming to see me play. Second, there was no cover charge to get in, and third (and this is the real deal-clencher) they gave all of the performers a generous $50 food/beer allowance. It was almost like getting paid.

I arrived on Friday as the fourth quarter of game six of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals was winding down, and Boston was sure to emerge victorious. The place was packed, and pumped!! I was more than a little frightened at the thought of trying to play original acoustic songs for a liquored up crowd of fanatics whose team had just made the NBA Finals, and were perfectly content singing along to Sweet Caroline or chanting Beat LA! But not to worry, I was assured that we wouldn't start any music until after the game crowd had dispersed a bit. I was also pleased to discover that I wasn't the first one scheduled to play.. phew! But it was a last minute gig so I was going in to do my thing and have fun. And knowing I had $50 worth of free beer to drink, I intended to use it! . . . and I did.

Some shots from Elise's camera phone:

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