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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Under The Bridge 6/5/13


I am very thankful to have been included in a few internet radio programs as of late.

"The Game" is the song of the week on the DIY Daily podcast with Brian Thompson - http://www.thediydaily.com

Troy's Room on LA Talk Radio has been playing "Another 4am Whatever It Takes" - 


Bridgework has also been getting some plays on gashouseradio -

And Bridgework also recently got a mention on the web magazine Kit21 - http://kit21.com/

All cool stuff.  

This past Saturday I went up to a "hipster" art show and house party to play a short acoustic set, my first time performing in over two years.  I sort of haphazardly threw myself into it, not knowing anyone involved or anyone who was going.  
It could have been a recipe for disaster.  But what went down turned out to be a genuinely cool gathering of fellow creative people sharing what they do and enjoying each other's offerings without pretense.  All in all a very fun evening. 
It felt good to play.

That's all for now,

John / Bridgework

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