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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Santa Cruz, CA / New York City / Burlington, VT

Just got back to Los Angeles a couple days ago after my trips to Vermont and New York City. The weekend prior to those travels I had gone up to play an acoustic gig at Asana Tea House in Santa Cruz, CA.

Santa Cruz was cool, and I actually stayed in Salinas for the night which was considerably cheaper. I think I know where the world's lettuce supply comes from now. And I also learned that John Steinbeck was from Salinas, and took in a quick tour of the National Steinbeck center.

Later that week I was off to my home state of Vermont to visit with family and friends.  I then took a train down to New York City, a good 10 plus hour trip, but I'd driven so many times and never taken the train so I wanted to try it.  New York was awesome as always, and I played my first gig there at the upstairs lounge to The Living Room, called Googie's Lounge. Some great Syracuse Alumni friends came out to support me, and there was also a pretty good crowd there that stuck with me throughout my set (including a couple from Torrance, CA).

The next day I flew home to VT (again) with just enough time to eat dinner, plan out my set list, and head down to Burlington for my gig.
I was excited to see so many Vermont friends come out for me, and also my friend Rugrat who before then I only knew through facebook. That was really cool. Got to experience the Burlington fireworks that same night in celebration of the 4th, and they never disappoint.

Thanks to everyone in both New York City, and Vermont, for making those two of my most memorable gigs to date.

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