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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"World Disappears" One Year Anniversary.

I just happened to realize, while working on our website this evening (early morning), that our EP "World Disappears" is officially turning 1 today, the 26th of February 2009. Man, time sure does fly. I think I'll sit down and listen to the whole thing (all whopping 20 minutes of it), and reflect on 2008 a bit.

Truth be told, 2008 was a tough year. Every artist tearing at the shadows of obscurity knows, especially in todays vast music landscape, that cutting through the static is a battle often laced with doubt and frustration. All you can do is put on a brave face, and hope and pray that the time and effort you've invested will pay off somehow, even if in the most humble of ways; a little validation, a little encouragement to keep braving the elements. It seems that fate was not working in our favor in 2008, as every effort to make this EP known basically fizzled out in a prolonged series of submissions and follow ups that yielded little to no response. Which of course one expects to a certain degree, but in this particular case I seriously began to wonder if there weren't energies blatantly working against me. Stupid, I know. I thought for sure we'd at least get a spin on Locals Only, or Check One Two, or one of the local college stations. And I was pretty sure we'd get a few reviews out of the various publications and blogs I submitted to. But alas, it wasn't meant to be for this one. As 2008 dragged on, the lack of response honestly began to get me down.

Yet in the wake of this hard fought 2008, a simple and uplifting truth resurfaced; a truth that is at the very core of why I (and so many others) make music in the first place. I have to. Its that simple.  So, ultimately, out of 2008 comes a more refreshing and humble perspective for 2009 and beyond. All I can really do is try my best, and focus on the simple purities of why I do what I do. Hopefully some decent music will come out of it, and some doors will open up.

As I write this now, listening to "World Disappears" through and through, I can honestly say that I think these songs sound pretty good. Not bad for DIY. Overall I'm not ashamed to say I am proud of the EP that Scott, Erik, Wes and I made.

John Renaud

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